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Welcome to, the web presence of Michael M. Wiseman.

I use this domain to mainly for mail, to promote my business consulting services and now to showcase my new Worddpress web business, get-

Right now, I am building my first WordPress site here. That means that it is subject to change at a moment's notices as I tweak, change and make wholesale substitutions of content, as I examine new themes,  plugins and features that WordPress has to offer. One day, you may find a site that looks like a magazine and the next day one that looks like a photographer's portfolio.

What you won't find is a personal blog: that's what I use Facebook for.

I work under the tutelage of two professional designers, Stephanie and Randy Beringer, advertising professionals out of New York City who work with multi-million dollar clients. I thank them for their guidance in style and form and function. They are providing me with sample projects to complete using various themes to hone my skills.

Feel free to click on the links that will start appearing on this site and view my growing body of work.